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About the FRW. The Fish Rescue & Welfare (FRW) are a Nationwide Rescue for Aquatic Animals. We rescue mainly fish but will turn no aquatic animal away. We operate our rescue by following the guidelines suggested by BIAZA, (The British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums) and follow their guidance and practices. We also fully support The Big Fish Campaign. The stated aim of the FRW is to help fish and fish keepers with any concerns they may have with any fish being incompatible with their living conditions, by growing too big, becoming aggressive etc. We will do our best to make better any situation that your fish and you find your selves in. We offer advice on fish keeping to individuals and groups and also, loan out emergency equipment to those in need. We re home everything from Neon’s to Tank Busters. We make no judgement on the aquariums we take fish in from, we just get them out of an unsuitable situation. Our dedicated team of volunteers, work in every County of England and all over the UK, to find new homes for the fish to live out the rest of their lives. Our rescue re homing coordinators can foster fish if suitable homes are not available immediately with one of our members. Some of our achievements to date: Apart from assisting members of the public, we have worked with and for The Police, Local Authorities and Armed Forces. We have established ponds and tanks in local residential homes for the elderly and stocked them with fish.

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