Fish Rescue And Welfare Pangasius catfish Awareness Campaign. 
This campaign was first published by the FRW in 2009.



These fish are mainly advertised as Pangasius here in the UK but are also known as Iridescent sharks Paroon shark and sutchi

The Fish rescue and Welfare Charity are asking for back up and support from fish keepers all over the UK, to stop buying Pangasius catfish from their local fish stores. These fish are being sold in local fish shops all over the country as tiny babies for as little as £3.00 each. The shop keepers know how big these fish will grow but most aren't concerned in the least that they are sending these fish off to an almost certain death. 

  1. Fact: Pangasius are COMPLETELY UNSUITABLE for 'ANY' glass tank.
  2. Fact: These are actually shoaling fish which can grow to 4-5ft in length. 
  3. Fact: They are so skittish that when they reach approximately 18-24 inches they start ramming the glass of any size tank as they are not happy being confined.
  4. Fact: The larger the tank, the more speed they build up to ram their heads into the tank side panel. 
  5. Fact: We have known these fish more often than not, to ram repeatedly until their injuries are so bad they die.
  6. Fact: They basically commit suicide which is heartbreaking for the owners to witness. By the time the fish get to this stage, the owner tries frantically to re home the fish
  7. Fact: Not many people can rehome them as they require a large heated pool or pond 
  8. Fact: Pangasius are completely unsuitable for 'ANY' home aquarium

In the past we have rescued Pangasius from people of all walks of life a pensioner with a 2ft tank, have even rescued a 3ft Pang from a 3ft tank, rescued 2x Pangs that spent 10 years in a 4 foot tank and were fed on nothing but flaked food in all that time. There are so many more heartbreaking stories we could tell.

Why? Because people do not research what they are buying or taking on as a free give away.
Fish keepers are buying them, thinking they can be handed over to Sea Life centres when they get too large for their tanks, but the truth is, even they can't take them.

The FRW are requesting your support by copying this message, and posting it on any Facebook groups you belong to urging fish keepers to stop buying.